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2020-2021 Presidential Reflection

As I sit and reflect back on this year as the 2020-2021 BCM President so many things come to my mind. Memories that had been made, friendships that were intentionally placed, and lessons that I was able to learn. First off, I do not want to take any credit for what the BCM was able to accomplish, because it wasn’t me or anyone on leadership. It was all God and let me tell you, he did an AMAZING job! I want to dedicate this reflection to focus solely on what he did throughout this year. For me it all began in Spring semester of last year, when nothing made sense…. literally nothing. New leadership was selected and I became President. Did I know what I was doing during those first few weeks of switching leadership positions? To be blatantly honest no, no I didn’t, but God did. He knew this whole time what he would do through the leadership team and I in the incoming fall and how he would get the glory for it. That is something that I had faith in and was eagerly looking for. Prayer for the BCM was my top priority over the summer and before I even knew it, fall semester of 2020 came. I still remember our first zoom meeting back with the leadership team and how long it went. We had just gotten the University’s rules pertaining to COVID and we were coming up with new plans on how the BCM would look that semester. It was like we had to deconstruct every little thing and put it all back together. Fall semester was the legit the hardest semester I have ever had to deal with in college, but oh how God worked! Despite COVID-19 rules, 2 hurricanes, a whole 2 week BCM quarantine, and several other weather occurrences, we managed to be one of the most active organizations on campus! The ideas that were created (with the Lord’s doing of course) allowed us to meet the needs of the college students that we were ministering and pouring into. Outdoor worships and family groups, clusters, CMOM/CWOM, several other events successfully took place and God’s hand was on it all. And the same goes with the Spring semester! The Lord is SO GOOD Y’ALL and he gets the glory for it completely! However, his glory wasn’t just shown through the events that we were able to put on, but through the fellowship and community we were able to have at the BCM. As President, I have gotten to know and grow close to some of the most passionate and zealous believers of Christ. Ones that want to make a difference on this campus and treat it like a true mission field. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a leadership team that wanted to make his glory a priority and to proclaim his name through everything they did. The same goes with the family group and GUILD leaders. The impact that the members of the BCM have made on this campus has truly been a blessing to witness. It was God who worked through the BCM and it is God who still continues to. What a gift it is to be a part of the work that ultimately glorifies him, no matter what circumstances may come.

“Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart” – 2 Corinthians 4:1

- Sarah Sargent

2020-2021 BCM President


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