Weekly Worship



Each week, on Sunday night at 8:30, we hold cluster meetings that are open to anyone who is interested in participating! There are five different clusters that students can get involved in. Each meeting is led by one or two student leaders! The purpose of cluster meetings is to plan and prepare for the upcoming week, so that we can be as organized as possible! If you are looking for a way to be more involved, feel free to join us for our weekly cluster meetings!



In Discipleship Cluster we start with a devotion given by someone in the cluster to focus the meeting on Jesus and remind us that expansion of the Kingdom is the goal. After the devotion we discuss it's application and challenge the cluster in some way to apply it. When we return the next week we evaluate how we accepted and applied the challenge that week and how we can build on it. Discipleship is a process and in our meetings we just try to walk through it together. 



Informational Cluster is a group designed to spread the information about the BCM and the events that we sponsor. Our main goal however, is to spread the Gospel through social media. We are also in charge of doing weekly announcements and running the Facebook Live at Worship on Wednesdays. We make videos, t-shirts, and all the graphics that are published on NSU BCM's behalf!



Service Cluster meetings typically entail two things. We start off with a short devotion that encourages us to maintain focus on our purpose as followers of Christ. Following that we will plan out our week by scheduling set-ups for BCM events. The goal for Service Cluster is not just to help the BCM facilitate their events, but to put fundamental disciplines into practice that will help us grow in our spiritual walks. We seek to recognize and take the opportunities God places in front of us regardless of how big or small they may be.



In Social Cluster, it is our goal to plan and coordinate events and then make sure our events are carried out smoothly. In our weekly meetings we discuss our agenda for the upcoming week and pitch ideas for future events. We encourage teamwork and intentional relationships within the Social Cluster and we hope that you find your place here!



Within each Worship Cluster meeting, we seek to know more about one another by praying for each other. We also have a desire to improve the gifts God has given us to the best of our abilities by talking about our strengths and weaknesses as a leadership team. We also plan who will be leading and assisting in worship for the upcoming weeks.