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Truth or Dare

At one point I claimed your miracles as magic. Truth

I was blind, too timid to remove the mud on my eyes known as love. Dare

Unexpected collateral damage turned into expected prophecy.

The world called me a donkey, but you call me a sheep. Truth

I prayed, I served in church - I was there with you God

But did I dare to listen? Where was my heart? And yes, I was there - but I was not present.

Sometimes I questioned your whereabouts.Truth

I couldn’t physically see you, so I searched for photoshopped pictures and copies of you. Dare

Until one day, I became still. Still in your presence

Opened my heart and allowed you to start a work that you had destined.

It was evident that your presence held residence in my temple. Truth

To the person reading this, I dare you to just try.

Try talking to Him, walking with Him, learning about Him.

To reveal that He is Father, King, Messiah- friend.

Now that is the truth I tell you.

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