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Hey Y 'all!

I'm Rachel Elmore and I am the Vice-President here at the BCM!

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My Vision

My vision for the BCM this year is for unity. Yes, we all come from different backgrounds and different stories, but we are called together as one. We are brothers and sisters in Christ! I want everyone who walks through the doors of the BCM to see that. Even when we are not at the BCM, for people to realize that something is different with the students who go to the BCM. What is that difference? Christ. I pray that our faith is present through our works, our daily life.


Meet Rachel!

I am a Senior majoring in Biology concentration Pre-Med. I am so excited I’m here at NSU and how awesome our BCM is. This year my heart for missions has grown. I love playing board/card games and hanging out with friends. While here in Natty I probably go to Canes at least once a week.  I cannot wait to meet you!

Let 's Get Connected

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