Hey Y'all!

My name is Macey Moss and I am one of the Intramural Coordinators at the NSU BCM! 


My Vision

My vision for IM's is to share the love of God while participating in team sports. Just as everyone on a team has a role to play, the same is true about each part of the body of Christ. A team is victorious when they are united and accomplish a common goal. The same is true for the body of Christ when everyone works together to share and show God's love. My prayer is that, win or lose, other teams will experience the love of God through our team's sportsmanship, attitude, and compassion. 

Meet Macey

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Let's Get Connected!

I'm Shelbi and I am a Senior Child and Family Studies Major at NSU! I love sports and am big on competition! I think it is awesome how we can compete in IMs while letting our light shine for Jesus through sportsmanship and respect for others. I am so thankful for the opportunity to use IMs as a tool to spread God's love to others! I believe that as we work together as the body of Christ, we are as blessed as those who we serve!