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Hey Friends!

My name is Alaina Norris and I am one of the Intramural Coordinators at the NSU BCM! 

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Meet Alaina

I am a junior Secondary Education major with a concentration in English. I want to teach English and be a high school girls' basketball coach. My favorite activities to do are playing all sports, hanging out at the BCM, playing board games, and playing card games. One of the main factors that I took into consideration when deciding on college was how great the BCM is at NSU. The BCM is where I made the majority of my lifelong friendships.

My vision is to do a devotional before the games and to always pray afterward with both teams! I want us to play our hearts out and give all glory to Him! I want us to win but to also be aware that we are called to be a light always. So even when we are competitive, we are still shining God’s light and being an example for others.

My Vision


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