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Hey Y'all!!

My name is Madison Little and I am the Informational Cluster Leader here at the NSU BCM! 

Work Desk

My Vision

As Informational Cluster leader, my vision for this year is to grow the spread of the gospel through the sharing and communication of media and design. We live in a technology driven world, and with that comes access to such a larger group of people than ever before. In using social media and graphic design, we can share with others about the Truth that we know, believe, and stand on here at the BCM. I have a vision to reach not only just believers on campus, but unbelievers as well, and ultimately use the tools around us to inform a world who needs the truth about the truth and that Truth is Jesus!

Meet Madison


I am a Sophomore Biology Major with a concentration in Biomedicine at the Louisiana Scholar's College here at NSU. I plan to become a Freshman Biology Teacher. I love to paint and design and even sell art in my free time. I enjoy the fun and loving atmosphere at the BCM and you can usually catch me chatting or playing ping pong here. I love Northwestern and the amazing friendships it has brought me through the BCM.

Connect With Me!

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