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Hey Friends!!!

My name is Jenna Mullican, and I am serving as the Social Cluster Leader here at the NSU BCM! 

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Meet Jenna

I am a junior Elementary Education major! When I graduate, I hope to become a missionary anywhere the Lord wants me to go. I love playing card/board games anytime with friends, spending time with my family and church, and meeting new people! Also, I can live on virtually no sleep so I’m always down to have fun! I hope to have Christ be magnified through everything I think, say, and do. I can’t wait for next school year and to see how discipleship will grow!

My Vision

The main goal of Discipleship Cluster is to go and make disciples like Jesus says in Matthew 28:19. This great commission (our life’s commission) says that we should be intentional about sharing the Gospel. My vision for Discipleship Cluster is for us to bring Christ first into everything that we do at the BCM, to our secular campus, and ultimately the ends of the Earth. Acts 20:24 (my favorite verse) perfectly outlines this! I hope that we can be intentional in every event, service opportunity, and worship to make sure that we as the BCM are here first for Christ and then fun. I hope that we can have unity as a whole group and that we can be faithfully involved in and serving the local Church!

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