Hi Friends!

My name is Jacelynn Leblanc, and I’m one of the Co-Leaders of CWOM - Campus Women on Mission at the BCM!

My Vision

One of the main goals of Informational Cluster is to communicate the events and news of the BCM in an accessible way. Most often through social media, we share pictures and videos, make announcements, and promote events. As a Co-Leader in this cluster, I hope that we allow the Lord to lead us to touch the lives of others. I hope that we can use the graphics and events as a way to show people the love of Jesus.

Meet Jacelynn!

I am a Sophomore Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in Humanities and Social Thought. I love playing IMs and making music with my friends. If I could drink only Dr.Pepper and Cane’s Sweet tea forever, my life would be complete:)

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