Hi Friends!

My name is Jacelynn Leblanc, and I’m one of the Co-Leaders of CWOM - Campus Women on Mission at the BCM!

My Vision

My vision for CWOM this year is to change the stigma of someone having to travel across the country or to another country to go on missions. International missions are absolutely amazing, and they need to be highlighted, but the reality of our lives is that most woman who come through the BCM will end up in a normal job, working with the same coworkers, seeing the same people everyday, and that right there is a mission in itself. I want to show woman that missions is wherever God abides, and where there is a believer, there is God, so here and now is a mission field, and the people in our direct everyday lives are the people we will impact the most. 

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Meet Jacelynn!

I am am Senior Biology major here at NSU, graduating in December of this year, then hopefully attending Seminary to pursue Ministry full-time! A few things about me, I am loud, I like to think of myself as funny, and at this point coffee is a personality trait of mine. While those tidbits are cool, what I believe that sets me apart and makes me unique is my burning passion for the Lord, to make him know through my life and my heart to reach the hopeless of this world. If you ever want to talk about Jesus or Bible stories I’m your girl, they are my favorite conversations and I can do it for hours!!

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