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Hi Friends!

My name is Paige Hedrick and I am the Informational Cluster Leader at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry!

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Meet Paige

I am a senior majoring in Accounting and Business Administration with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I am a third-generation NSU Demon and am forever grateful for the impact this school (and especially this organization) has had on my life! The BCM has truly felt like home. My biggest regret is not getting involved sooner!

My Vision

The classes of students who came before me were dedicated to making meaningful experiences for all those who entered the BCM. I hope to continue that legacy for those who come after me. Social media is an amazing way to share the love of Christ by inviting all to participate in our events and ultimately form a relationship with Him through those interactions. I hope to portray the BCM as an organization full of genuine students who are modeling their lives after Christ.

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