Hey Everyone!

My name is Emmaleigh Toney and I am I am A/V Tech Team Leader at the BCM!


My Vision

The A/V Tech Team is for people who enjoy the more tech-y side of things, including setting up sound equipment, creating a PowerPoint for Wednesday night worship, and any other equipment needs for BCM events.  My vision for the A/V Tech Team is to create a welcoming environment for believers with a similar passion for technology and behind-the-scenes work.  I also want people to know that everything we do, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, is to glorify the name of God.

Meet Emmaleigh

I am a Senior Secondary Education major with a concentration in Social Studies at Northwestern State University.  I am one of the piccolo section leaders in the Spirit of Northwestern and I also play flute during concert season!  Somethings I love include music, anything cacti/succulents, and painting/crafting.  The BCM is basically my second home at NSU so come see why I love it here so much!

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