Hey Guys!

This is Cody Ashworth and I will be the IM coordinator for the boys this year

My Vision

This year I would like to continue on the work that Kobe (the previous men's IM coordinator) left off on. I would like to continue to spread the love of Christ to people through sports. It was IM's that brought me to the BCM and I think we can continue to draw people in using them. Of course I would also like to continue the culture of winning that the BCM has developed, but ultimately that is a secondary objective. I look forward to what this next year has to offer.

Meet Cody!

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Some background on me is that I originally am from Montana, and I moved to Louisiana when I was a freshman in highschool. I played basketball and baseball in highschool at Glenmora. I came here to Northwestern in 2017 which makes me a senior history major this year. 

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The NSU BCM is a cooperative ministry of the LA Baptist Convention and the District 8 Baptist Convention